Celebrate Success

Mark Your Milestones

Try something new.  That’s one of my favorite health slogans.  I often try new foods and activities, like Taekwondo.

Sometimes as we work on changes in food choices or activity it’s hard to see the progress that we’ve made.

The small daily choices don’t seem to make much difference.    As more time goes on, we can look back and see the changes.  Maybe it’s an improvement in health  numbers, such as blood sugar or cholesterol levels.

I tried something new 18 months ago.  I started Taekwondo as a white belt. Attending Class 2 to 3 times a week,  I often feel like I’m not making much progress.  Each time I advanced in rank I would set aside my latest belt.

Recently I purchased this customized belt display so that I can look at my belts everyday.  The belts remind me of not only the milestones I’ve met, but especially the friendship and support from many people including the instructors and my classmates at Family Martial Arts Center of Ames.

What new things have you tried this summer?  Who is cheering you on? How are you celebrating your success?

Today is a good day to try something new.